The Top Benefits of Luxury Home Staging

As home staging improved from just an add-on service to a luxury home’s marketing program, the expectations have increased as well and so have the offerings.

You no longer need to seek out simply for the basics of depersonalizing, today’s luxury home staging has elevated from profession level to an art form with their sophisticated design concepts and ability to bring a co luxury lifestyle experience to life.

Staging at the Higher End

Even though staging is vital at both moderate and ultra-luxury price points, the design concepts of each can be significantly different.

The key to strike a balance between designing a space that is unique and memorable without going too far and making it more about the interior design than the house.

How much It Costs and Why It’s Worth It

At the lowest end, when staging for a home that’s $500,00 to $750,000 and the typical fee is $3,500 to $5,000

While some designers choose services according to the size of the home, others choose in accordance with the listed price or sales price.

Everything is customized

These luxury homes include a lot of custom-made products

Luxury Home Staging in Mississauga has custom made artwork, as well as a custom fabricated pedestal for that luxury feel.