How Video And Retail Marketing Go Hand In Hand?

People are spending majority of their time online. Video creation is a good way to influence shoppers. Online businesses need to leverage and make video a part of their digital marketing effort.

Why is video significant?

Watching ads on TV helps to reach and influence audience but today video ads are also viewed on Facebook and Twitter platforms. Mobile video watching is escalating and adding videos to emails increases click though rates significantly.

Video is an ideal medium to share brand message. Complex concepts can be broken into something simple and easy for the viewers to understand.

Emotional connection

Video production for retail stores can be leveraged and used as an educational tool because more than 91% people make used of videos to make purchase decision. People depend on emotions instead of factual data and logic to make purchase decision.

Video offers more emotional cues in comparison to static text or images, while lessening the mental burden to process them. It is a compassionate connection, which resembles the real life very closely.  If you Are Looking For Video production for retail stores, Please Visit Beard Boy


Remarkable videos can be shared with others, which helps to drive more potential consumers towards your brand. Shared buttons are provided, so that users can easily and directly share them without any manual effort of finding URL.

Some of The Benefits of Piezoelectricity for Our Health

In our modern way of living, we are exposed to plenty of EMF radiation from different kinds of electrical appliances installed at our home. These include, TV, computers, cell phones and clock radios etc. Due to such EMF radiation, there can be fuzzy thinking, mental confusion, different kind of physical stress and various illnesses.

Not only the above, we have plenty of environmental as well food chain pollutants and different kind of chemicals that can create negative effects on our body. It can also lead to negative bio-electric current in our body.

Therefore, a number of piezoelectric manufacturers have started producing different kinds of piezoelectric gemstones, minerals that possess special kind of electrical properties which can help in restoring the bio-electrical functions of the body. These stones can create longitudinal EMF waves that are helpful in healing our body.

If we use a zero-point energy wand by using these stones in our body in certain prescribed way, the electrical property of our red blood cells can become normal and then they can flow in normal manner. These stones can generate and improve our oxygenation and if we feel pain in certain part of our body then it gives relief and soon it disappears.